I’ve always had a natural knack for bringing people together. Through out high school I would get all my friends together and we’ll hang out for hours at a time seemingly doing nothing, but it quickly became a thing. I think as a promoter, being anything but yourself can hinder your parties or events success. I really have a laid back approach to the way I gather people. Its definitely a feeling, and not just something to do. Everything you do now is based on whether or not we even have the energy to do so. I cut out the doubt by removing the urgency for you to get up and show out. People gravitate towards positive things and positive people. 

I’ve gained so much clarity through my sobriety and I want people to know that coming together with friends, family and associates doesn’t always mean being inebriated and numbing yourself from the actual experiences. My testimony is knowing that I am exponentially more open to receive greater and better encounters and relationships being sober. I am able to see people without the fear of numbing to get by. I am in a much better place and I want to still be able to bring people together for amazing causes and events. I am here to be an example and I want those who attend our events to feel like they are apart of this example. 



Houston, TX, USA